Shit Body Art


I am fully dressed, normal clothes! I am preparing for some pee and poop fun by drinking lots (water, hot drink, whatever helps so I really need to poop and pee later). Italk to the camera about what works best for me (a little bit “behind-the-scenes”) – what is fun and/or how I prepare, etc. I also show a clock so u can see the time. Some time has passed. I am still fully dressed. I show the clock again so u can see how much time has passed. I drink lots more and also have breakfast. Some more time has passed – I wait until I really need to pee and poop. I will show the clock again. I take my clothes off and climb onto my dining room table. I grab a bowl and poop before peeing even if my bladder was completly full. After I pooped I’m also gonna pee all over that shit. In order to completly clean my ass up im gonna fuck it with my lollipop glass toy untill I cum and get all the poop out. At the end I’m gonna pee some more and cover my body with shit stripes, turning myself into a zebra hehe.
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