The Critical Days of Menstruation and for Two Pile of Shit 1 The Critical Days of Menstruation and for Two Pile of Shit 2

Release Year: 10/08/2017
Cast: ModelNatalya94
Genres: Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Groups/Couples, Toilet Slavery, Pee, Period Play
Video language: English

Hooray we began critical days , Olga and I wore white underwear without pads . I suggested to Olga to play a bit . Olga lay down on the bed and I took off Olga’s panties and started sniffing licking menstruation panties from Olga , the fucking I it is delicious . Oh Yes I love to lick Olga in the critical days of menstruation . I put Olga in her pussy his fingers and they’re all about menstruation Yes I lick the fingers on menstruation which I enjoy . I caress Olga’s pussy with her tongue during menstruation I really love it . Olga all in menstruation I love her, her scent and her body , Olga wants to defecate I tell her shit and Olga starts to shit . Ass Olga goes shit , and Olga all in menstruation . Olga and I switch places and now I take off my white panties and Olga starts to smell and lick them with my menstruation . Olga enjoys the fact that I had coming out of pussy menstruation , Olga plays with my panties which are monthly , on the bed on the white sheet, too, the traces of menstruation , Olga begins to play with my pussy thrusting between my legs his fingers and pulls and licks and again shoves me in her pussy , I bring out menstrual blood fucking Olga licking my menstruation . Oh yeah I just get pleasure from the fact that Olga is doing to me I want to shit and I start to shit on the fucking sheet about what a relief . We love to play with the menstrual secretions to lick them, sniff , lick each other pussy during menstruation . We don’t wear pads and our white panties during the critical days in menstrual secretions . I and Olga had a lot of fun during the critical days .

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