What are you looking at, bozo? Just because I’m topless doesn’t mean that I’m here for your entertainment. Hold on just a moment while I clear my throat. You see, I’ve been getting over a nasty cold, and I think I have a little present for you. I’m going to hawk up the biggest, wettest, stickiest loogey I can and spit it right at your face. How you do like that, eh? Tough guy, huh? I can do this all day. Watch me stare into your eyes with a bratty expression and spit fat wads of phlegm at you instead of giving you a sexy titty dance to jerk off to. You don’t always get what you want, asshole.(1920 X1080 resolution, mp4 format)BRAT GIRLS – FEMALE DOMINATION – SPIT FETISH – WET & MESSY – SPITTING AT SCREEN – PHLEGM – SHOWER – BIG TITS.

Ganre: Spit Fetish, Spitting, Wet & Messy, Shower Scenes, Shower .

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