Life is good as an executive. I don’t feel like finishing out my day in the office, so I just take my work home and do it while lounging on my bed. Wait, what’s that noise? Oh my god, someone’s broken in to my apartment! It’s the crazy temp I fired last week! She’s broke, mad as hell, and out for revenge. First, she shreds my work outfit to pieces, ripping the skirt, panties, and shirt right off my body. I always knew she was a pervert! Then she gets me in a sleeper hold. While I’m knocked out, she ties me to my own bedframe and pins my legs with her body. I’m completely helpless! No amount of struggling or wriggling can set me free! She then has her way with me, covering my G-cup tits with baby oil, fondling my nude body, and pinching and pulling my nipples until I cry. Then the crazy bitch leaves me there, tied on the bed – and steals my wallet to boot! What a psycho! How will I ever get out of this mess? LESBIAN DOMINATION – BONDAGE – ROPE BONDAGE – CLOTHES DESTRUCTION – CAT FIGHTING – SECRETARY – LOTION/OIL FETISH – BIG TITS – NIPPLE PLAY – NIPPLE CLAMPS (Starring Larkin Love and Randy Moore.

Ganre: Bondage, Cat Fighting, Clothes Destruction / Burning, Lesbian Domination, Imposed Orgasms .

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