_c_h_a_r_l_o_t_t_e_1_9_9_6_ _d_o_m_m_e_ _i_n_ _r_a_m_e_n_ _ _C_h_a_r_l_o_t_t_e_1_9_9_6__Cover.jpg
_c_h_a_r_l_o_t_t_e_1_9_9_6_ _d_o_m_m_e_ _i_n_ _r_a_m_e_n_ _ _C_h_a_r_l_o_t_t_e_1_9_9_6__Screen.jpg
Charlotte1996-ManyVids-Female Domination, Female Wrestling, Food, Silly Sluts, Strap-On
Full HD-822,7 MB-charlotte1996 domme in ramen
This is a mostly ridiculous video in which Mia and I discover a pit of ramen noodles in my living room then fight over who gets to claim ownership of this ramen jackpot. After oiling each other up, we wrestle in the ramen and sword fight with leeks until it becomes clear that I’m no match for Mia’s ramen prowess, at which point I submit to being dommed and she fucks me hard with a strap on.

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