_a_l_e_x_ _a_n_d_ _j_a_y_ _p_u_b_l_i_c_ _p_l_a_y_t_i_m_e_ _ _A_l_e_x_ _a_n_d_ _J_a_y__Cover.jpg
_a_l_e_x_ _a_n_d_ _j_a_y_ _p_u_b_l_i_c_ _p_l_a_y_t_i_m_e_ _ _A_l_e_x_ _a_n_d_ _J_a_y__Screen.jpg
Alex and Jay-ManyVids-Blowjob, Public Blowjob, Public Flashing, Public Nudity, Public Outdoor
Full HD-3,4 GB-alex and jay public playtime
We start off our visit to Cape Town with some nervous public flashing and masturbation. Equipped with naughty butt plugs and no underwear Alex and Bonnie wander through a public park, stopping to play on a see-saw. We then go for lunch in a crowded restaurant, with Jay controlling the lovenses, while Alex and Bonnie play with each other underneath the table. Things quickly escalate when Alex and Bonnie are alone in the changing room. They don’t try on too many clothes and Alex brings out a toy. Catching an uber to the movies, Bonnie goes down on Alex in the back while Jay tries to film without letting the driver see. At the Movies we decided to watch Beauty and the Beast. Alex and Bonnie get really naughty and are excited to include Jay as they sneak onto their knees and give him a blowjob (Emma Watson’s voice in background – kinda Jay struggles to hold a camera and a light without letting anyone see him with his dick out. It’s a hard dick to miss He eventually cums on his girls’ faces and the video ends with Alex and Bonnnie kissing

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